9 Tips To Choose The Best Office Interior Design Company In Malaysia

Choosing a reliable and an excellent interior design company for your office interior design, office renovation or space planning is a crucial decision. What happens if you choose an interior design company that cannot deliver? That will obviously become a disaster, not only a waste of your time and money, but also affect your company’s image and team morale.

This is why it is very important for businesses and corporations to avoid bad interior design and have a good office interior design that can enhance branding and productivity. We are here to help you by listing 9 aspects you need to consider in order to find the ideal interior design company in Malaysia for your office.


1. Years of Experience

The number of years of experience is important to assess how capable an interior design company could be. When they are more experienced and more familiar with designing workplaces, you will be more confident that they can turn your vision of office interior design into reality with a balance of creativity and practicality. In general, having more years of experience means that they have done the work more often than those who have less experience. Therefore, on the other hand, the risk of completing your office design to a certain standard will definitely be higher, if you choose a less experienced office interior design company.


2. Past Projects

By looking at the past projects of interior design companies, you will know what kind of office interior designs they are able to deliver. At the same time, you can find out if they have done the office interior design that you would prefer. Using the visuals of past projects, you can easily convey your desired interior design concepts and styles. Past projects act as a solid proof of their expertise in office interior design, so don’t hesitate to ask for more if you need to. Or else, you might not get the ideal office interior design that reflects your taste and needs if you have missed this.


3. Past Clients

It is important to check past clients of interior design companies to determine their reliability. If the clients of one of the interior design companies are mostly big brands, then you can trust the company more. This is because big brands usually conduct a lot of due diligence before hiring any company. When they all trust this interior design company, it is very unlikely that your office interior design will go wrong. If the interior design company did not have any big brand clients before, then your investment risk in terms of money and quality of work will be much higher.


4. Specialist

You will always want the best out of something, same goes to your office interior design. When you have to choose the best interior design company for your office design or space planning, you need an office design expert. There are many interior design firms out there, but only those who specialise in office designs know the ins and outs of office design and are able to fulfill your business needs or requirements for office design in a more professional way. So, it ultimately depends on whether you want to have an outstanding office interior design or a mediocre office interior design.


5. From Design to Completion

Dealing with one service provider is normally easier and better than dealing with multiple service providers on a big project, like your office interior design or office renovation. It can save you a lot of time and effort when you engage an interior design firm that can take care of everything, from design development, project planning to off-site and on-site construction. Another huge benefit is that you don’t have to coordinate different parties, such as interior designers, contractors and suppliers, who may push their responsibilities to each other when problems arise.


6. Quality Services

Although the final work of your office interior design is your focus, you will also like to get a good experience in the process, because the whole project will normally take several months or years to finish. This is why a company that can make office space planning and construction a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, is definitely the best choice for an interior design company. It is not too hard to see whether an interior design company is able to provide quality services according to their team structure and workflow. You need a dedicated project manager to manage costs, timelines and resources in order to deliver your project as planned. If not, you will have to handle all these tasks without professional support.


7. Reviews From Clients

Never listen solely to what interior design companies have to say, because all of them will just tell you the good part of their companies. Instead, you should always listen to what their clients say about the company’s actual performance or experience. These are honest feedback and provide more accurate insights that can help you make a better decision. In fact, this is a critical checkpoint for you to see if an interior design company is the best choice to work on your office interior design and renovation based on its reputation. So, check out the reviews from places over the internet, social media, or even request physical proof if necessary.


8. In-house Production

Controlling cost and quality is essential if you want an effective office space planning with leading and influential interior design. However, it is seemingly hard to achieve cost efficiency and quality of work at the same time, especially when the project is as complex as office design and build. It is only possible if the company has an in-house production factory with skilful carpenters and welders work hand-in-hand with in-house interior designers, quantity surveyors, constructors and project managers. So, make sure you choose an interior design company that has its own production factory over another company that does not have it.


9. Team Size

Team size of a company matters because when the team is larger, they have more resources to serve you and carry out their work. In other words, you are more likely to have your office interior design and renovation delivered as planned with less worries during the process when the office interior design firm offers more manpower to monitor your project closely, update you promptly and perform their tasks on time. In contrast, it will be relatively more difficult for a smaller team to track details and progress of your project which may cause delay in the delivery in the end.


Now you understand the aspects to consider when comparing and choosing the best interior design company for your office interior design, space planning or office renovation. While there are many interior design companies in Malaysia, it will be easier for you to find your ideal office interior design company, if you conduct due diligence on those interior design companies based on the abovementioned 9 aspects.