Nettium Office Interior Design

Nettium Office Interior Design

Area8,000 sqft
LocationNaza Tower

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Nettium is an IT services provider established in Kuala Lumpur. The concept of their new office is based on the concept of creating ‘a workplace with heart’, where the connected community areas act as the heart of the office. It is where ‘inspiration meets interaction’.
The workplace welcomes Nettiumers with a multi-functional area with an open concept plan that combines a welcoming counter, breakout and gaming area. Making every public area for Nettiumers the ‘heart of the office’.

Walking through the office area with a photo wall of employees to increase Nettiumers engagement. As Nettiumers value their work-life balance, their office is designed with a fun gaming area combined with a breakout area for the employees to unwind as this pushes the boundaries of work and play.