Tupperware Brands Office Interior Design

Tupperware Brands Office Interior Design

Area13,000 sqft
LocationUOA Business Park

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Tupperware Brands Corporation is an American multinational company that produces home product lines that include kitchen gadgets, preparation, storage containers, and serving products for the kitchen and home. Its main focus is kitchen and household products, and it is particularly known for its line of plastic containers for food storage and preparation.

Workable City is the key concept by exploring the journey to imagination one office space can be, whether a recreational parks, urban events, and bringing new shapes into the city texture became the concept’s main inspiration. It has been aimed to create a Journey into Imagination, naturally shaping the space by bringing in a hint of urban lifestyle. The urban touch by the ‘Workable City’ is warmly balanced by elements that populate each cluster and strengthen the connection between human and natural environment, becoming a daily city where we would feel different and motivated pushed by the no ordinary design of the office.