Vantage Office Interior Design

Vantage Office Interior Design

Area3,800 sqft
LocationIlham Tower

Our Solutions

Prepared for the future, a strong expression of what we aim to achieve everyday through how we work and what we work towards.

The very idea of this project was conceived as the natural evolution of Vantage Energy, structured into an experimental journey, work in a uniquely 3-dimensional medium, which presents an opportunity to juxtapose elements in unique ways. Focused on sustainability, continuity, and the natural elements (such as natural lighting and material), also maximizing the transparency throughout the workspace.

The selection of natural elements is a stark contrast to the modern building where the work offices reside in. A warm palette of materials interspersed throughout with timber finishing wrapped around to nourish the soul and breathe life into the space, creating a sense of timelessness and understated elegance.

Channelling an art deco spirit with beautiful hardwood panels and padded walls, the well-organized interior features tailored still art piece against a rich wood panels with warm lighting, hold all the iconic features in line with the detailing across the new office space.