Webhelp TRX Office Interior Design

Webhelp TRX Office Interior Design

Area34,000 sqft
LocationThe Exchange 106

Our Solutions

The concept ‘A world of magnifi’zen’ masterpiece – is what encapsulated in the magnifi’zen’ masterpiece of Webhelp APAC Level 6 of The Exchange 106 skyscraper within the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) Kuala Lumpur.

The concept stresses creating an eco-sustainable look with “a hidden garden behind a concrete wall.” This office garden uses plenty of natural plants and building materials, including green and recyclable materials, wood etc. It exudes calm and peace and yet having a “customer experience” that brings the closeness and interaction between the people and their solutions. After all, that is the nature of Webhelp APAC business.

A new work experience designed to increase creativity in a location that becomes an opportunity for exchange and growth. It is bright and uplifting and the whole design is themed around nature and human interactions. Each area is designed for specific intentions and work activities.