Ultimate Guide For Office Renovation

While office renovation comes with a lot of complexities, it is possible to do it successfully without unnecessary costs and stress so long as it is done the right way. If you are planning an office renovation in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, you need to pay attention to the following guides to make your office renovation a success. 


Identify Goals for Office Renovation

Renovating your office can have profound and long-term benefits for your business. It is therefore so important to define the specific goals you want from the end result of office renovation.

You can ask yourself some questions as below to help set goals for your office renovation. 

  • Do you need more desks or storage space for your employees?
  • Would your teams appreciate open spaces where they can collaborate?
  • Are there enough conference rooms for all necessary meetings?
  • Could your reception area present a better impression for your clients?
  • Would you like your new office to go green and tune into nature?
  • Would you consider having a more efficient and smarter office layout or facilities by taking advantage of new technology?

Once you have your goals in mind, there are a few more things to decide, too:

  • What is your renovation budget? Do you have room for any contingencies that may come up?
  • Will you need to close the office during renovations?
  • Will your office renovation require new office furniture?
  • When do the renovations need to be complete?


Assembling A Team for Office Renovation

This is the most critical step in your office renovation process. When it comes to the team carrying out your office renovation work, it’s important to find people that work well together since they will have to collaborate throughout the process. Here’s who to bring on board:

  • Office Interior Design Team 
  • Office Renovation Contractor 
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Quality Control Executive
  • Company Internal Project Manager

Hiring both interior designers and renovation contractors at the same time has several benefits. Most renovation contractors will be aware of building codes as well as any structural limitations that might impact the office design. 

Pro Tip: While doing research, look for interior design companies that have extensive experience with office renovations. You may refer to 9 tips to choose the best office interior design company for your office renovation project


Communicate An Office Renovation Plan to Employees

Office renovation plans should be communicated to your employees as soon as possible. Even if you don’t plan on closing the office during the process, let them know when inspections and construction will be taking place and how their work will be affected.

What to Communicate With Your Employees Regarding An Office Renovation:

  • Reason(s) and benefits for the office renovation.
  • When teams will be working in the office.
  • Any plans to relocate staff to a temporary office space.
  • The estimated renovation period.
  • Who to approach with any questions or concerns.


With the help of a professional team of office renovations, you can carry out planning, design, inspection, approvals and other preparations without the hassles. Just remember to keep an open line of communication between your internal project manager, the interior design team and the renovation construction crew. It is apparently important for your office renovation to be planned and done properly so that you can enjoy the benefits of your newly renovated office.