Award-winning Office Interior Design

IDPM is a full-service office interior design firm in KL, Malaysia, specialising in cost-effective premium design and space planning for corporate offices and commercial spaces.

Under the expert guidance of founder and partners, we have expanded our capabilities and services into producing and providing custom quality finishes and furnishings.

In 2018, we are registered under the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia with a G7 license, and following year registered with Ministry Of Finance (MOF) which permits us to undertake civil engineering construction and building interior construction projects.

Our Value, Vision, Mission



We are passionate about converting spaces to suit your business requirements and bringing your vision to life. We pride ourselves on being professional, original and creative, while delivering quality design and products with exceptional services and memorable experiences at cost-effective constructions.

Our goal is to make space planning and construction a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for you, using quality products and holistic designs to create a space that encourages productivity and promotes wellbeing.



To grow and succeed as a trusted designer and builder,
specializing on corporate clientele; striving on high quality and influential design with the most cost-efficient manner.



To create and inspire a team accentuating on client relationship consistently deliver the most effective space planning with leading and influential design; at all-time maintaining prudent cost efficiency and high level project management skills, to deliver every given task punctually with maximum client’s satisfaction.

Our Office


Feel the first warm hospitality of IDPM at the entrance which features a huge logo against the rattan background. The transparent glass door allows natural light permeates through the office space.


The boardroom has multi-functional purpose which can be transformed into an open concept as well as for privacy purpose. Partitions can be rolled out to close the room if the members prefer some privacy while can also be totally opened up. The acoustic ceiling panel helps minimizing the noise and echoes of voices during meeting.


The terrazzo top bar height table, solid timber, wall beadings and high seating arrangement make the pantry conducive for informal meetings over a cup of refreshment. Close proximity to Napping Zone and floral arch door add to the versatility of gathering of employees.


The entire layout is integrated to feature the fluidity of movement and creativity. The concept is to create an eco-sustainable layout with multi-functions. With a punch of Neon over the wall helps ignite a creative sparks in within.


Furnished with different hierarchy sets of furniture to inspire movement of people as well as ideas. A unique “roundwithin-a-square” TV cabinet with touch of pastel colours, a fusion of old and modern, the use of authentic rattan, fully portraits the joys setting and environment in this space.


The open concept of the triangular table allows greater interaction at the workstation. The table is further enhanced by greenery with a massive planter box underneath the giant sky, membrane lighting which comes with several light setting that allows the change of colours, ultimately the change of moods under different function.

Our Process

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Client Engagement

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to liase with you to understand your needs and concerns, attend to your request promptly then provide the best solutions and designs, to ensure you a smooth and hassle free construction experience throughout your project.

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Design Development

A team of passionate designers will work closely with your team to ensure the designs reflect your business requirements, tastes and needs, while delivering exceptional yet practical design.

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Project Planning

An experienced project manager will be assigned from beginning of the project to manage costs, timelines and resources in order to deliver your project as planned.

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Off-Site & On-Site Construction

An attentive QC executive to run detailed quality checks on-site and ensure only quality products and workmanship are delivered to you.